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Cosmic Shenanigans

Cosmic Shenanigans is a podcast focusing on cosmic horror in films, television, art, games, music, fashion, pop culture, and just about anywhere else our little tentacles can reach. Host Mary SanGiovanni delves into what makes it timelessly relevant and enjoyable, and examines how it permeates so much of modern culture. Further, as a writer of cosmic horror herself, Mary looks at her and others’ roles in the subgenre and in publishing at large, and explores the female perspective toward and within works of cosmic horror.

Sep 1, 2019

Recorded at Scares That Care 2019, DEEPER THAN R’LYEH: THE NEW COSMIC HORROR: Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s She Walks In Shadows. Victor LaValle’s The Ballad of Black Tom. Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country. Nick Mamatas’s Move Under Ground. How would H.P. Lovecraft react to these (and other) permutations of his mythos, and how do they strengthen cosmic horror moving forward? With Norman Prentiss (moderator), Paul Tremblay, Damien Angelica Walters, Maurice Broaddus, Nick Mamatas, and Mary SanGiovanni.